Dirty Collar Solution With Disposable Collar Protectors

Published: 11th May 2009
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Composed of water resistant matter, attached to one side of a non-woven material and the other side to an adhesive exterior that is sensitive to pressure; the "Disposable Collar Protectors", from the name itself prevents dirt from sticking to your collar and polo cuffs.

Possibly, you can hear it from your friends, family or colleagues. If you are a fan of the internet, then you can learn about the product from www.sweatstrips.org

How practical and how useful is the "Disposable Collar Protectors" anyway?

If you are tired of washing away the almost impossible to wash off grime just by scrubbing the dirt off, then this product will certainly help you a lot! Using the product which protects your collar and polo cuffs from the grime of everyday living, not only do you save the effort of washing it off, you also save the time and the money you use to buy the laundry products and water that you will need!

Apart from the large help that it gives you around the household, the "Disposable Collar Protectors" also is a big hand to your job applications, specifically interviews. Since first impressions last, then you must have a clean and professional look when out for these applications.

However, if the weather possibly does not allow you to do so, especially when it is hot, you better put on the "Disposable Collar Protectors" which does not only protect your clothes but your reputation as well.

So how do you prevent ring around the collar? Just peel the SweatStrip from the backing paper.

Size up the length of your shirt collar so that the SweatStrip fits correctly.

Place the SweatStrip on the press firmly with your hands across the shirt collar to ensure it stays in place.

One of the best things about SweatStrips is that they stay in place all day long. They take the shape of your neck due to the heat your body gives off in that area.

SweatStrips provide all day protection against sweat, grime, and bodily oils. Simply the best in "disposable collar protectors"

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